A Game Dad’s Can Play With Their Kids While Mom is Shopping

It’s the cliche of married couples. The wife is shopping while the husband sits impatiently in the chair waiting for her to finish. In today’s cliche, he might be passing the time on his phone, but when you add a few little HappyKids to the picture, Dad’s waiting gets a lot tougher.

Not All Cliches are True

Before I go on, I need to admit with great relief that not all cliches are true. I actually enjoy shopping with my wife most of the time. Honestly, every husband should. I mean, we get to pick out outfits for them to try on, come on guys, think about it. 😉

But there are some times, especially when the HappyKids are with us, that the waiting game isn’t the one we want to play.

Cultivate Creativity

As parents, you know I feel that one of our greatest responsibilities is to cultivate creativity and curiosity in our children. The mall is no exception. So instead of playing the waiting game you can try cultivating creativity with your HappyKids and playing the retail game below, or come up with your own.

Price Breaker

On one especially long shopping trip, Shaw and I were getting impatient, so instead of letting it get the best of us, we cultivated our curiosity and created Price Breaker. It’s a simple game that teaches comparison shopping and helps pass the time.

Here’s how you play:

All players have to start at the shopping cart or another mutually agreed upon place, usually close to mom. Then each player gets a certain number of steps (each round you can change the number allowed) to go find an item that is lower priced than the other player’s item.

An Example of Round 1:

Each player gets 5 steps to go find a lower priced item. This is a great opportunity to teach your HappyKids about sales, percentages (40% off) and comparison shopping. The person who finds the lowest priced item wins that round.

You can play all of your rounds that way or you can change the goal in each round. Other goals you can try are:

  • The highest priced item
  • The item closest to $10 or another specific amount.
  • Three items that equal a certain amount.
  • Etc.

The great thing about the game is you can change it up anyway you want and make up your own rules.

Do We Have To

The other thing you’ll enjoy about this game is you and your kids go from waiting to playing and when mom is finally done shopping and says, “Let’s go.” You might just hear your HappyKids say, “Do we have to?”

If you’ve created games that take you from waiting to playing in your life, let us know on Twitter or Facebook and use the hashtag #RetailGames we’d love to hear about it.