About Happy Dad

It’s simple really.

When you begin to look at the things that truly matter, its our kids that are one of the most important.

Why? Because…

“No amount of money can buy you a day with your 3 year old when they are 30.”

Those things that are rare are always more priceless and the days of our children are the rarest of all.

Your Journey

Happy Dad is my journey, and your journey,¬†of properly valuing our children’s childhood and making sure we are there physically, mentally and spiritually for as much of it as possible.

“I firmly believe our children would rather live with us in tents than live alone in mansions.”

Let’s make sure we don’t deny them the one thing they want (Us!) in our attempt to give them what we think they need.

Join Me

I hope you join me as we teach each other what it truly means to be a Happy Dad.

If this is your first time here read on to learn a little more about us and our lingo and thank you for taking the time to bring a little more HAPPY into your home.

Happy Dad and the Happy Kids

Joe JestusHappy Dad

Who Are We and What in The World is Bigs and Littles?

I’m a jack of all trades and master of some. A 36 year old father of 4 who just celebrated 14 years of figuring out the most beautiful woman in the world. I’ve done everything from running a printing press, to making fishing shows in Canada, to traveling to Central America and climbing a volcano, to running the marketing department at a publishing company and a film studio, to being a physical education teacher, and more.

The Toughest Job

But the toughest thing I’ve ever done by far is being a father. Not because you’re responsible for another human being 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for at least 18 years. No, it’s because for some reason they are like little mirrors showing you your true self in a little tiny body. And it’s so annoying.

I mean come on, are we really like that? Yep, we are.

Guru? No. Experienced? Yes.

I don’t have all the answers, so if you’re looking for a wise old sage sitting at the top of some remote mountain waiting for prodigies to come and ask for the secrets of fatherhood, you’ll want to keep looking. I’m figuring out this dad thing just like you. I’ve done a few things right and a lot of things wrong, but I keep at it and every day I get a little more like my Father in Heaven.

Where in the World Are You?

Currently I’m learning this dad thing in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. But if you ask us, we’re Minnesotans. It’s home. It always has been and always will be. Except in January maybe. Not so much then. But once the ice melts off the lakes and the rivers start running, there is no more beautiful place in all the world. In our opinion at least.

What are Bigs and Littles.

As a family of six with four children, we’ve just always categorized them by Bigs and Littles. The bigs are currently 12 and 9, while the littles are 6 and 5. So when you see tags on the site for Bigs and Littles you’ll have an idea of who we are talking about or who we feel something is age appropriate for.

Your Kids, Your Call

Granted, you have to decide for your own family what’s appropriate or not and at what age. We’re pretty straight forward with our kids and operate under the “I’d rather have them learn it with me around than from some other kid.” philosophy. To a point that is. So don’t go spreading stories about crazy stuff now.

Enjoy the Journey

If life is a journey, then parenthood is the white water rafting part where you hold on for dear life and hope you get to the calm waters with everyone still in the boat and then you hear the voice of your dare devil child say, “Let’s do it again daddy.”

I hope you’ll tag along, share your own wisdom, and build some great friendships along the way as we all strive to bring a little more HAPPY into our homes.

May I Suggest

If this is your first time here, may I suggest checking out the book reviews (I love kids books. I could spend all day in the children’s books section if my kids let me.), my thoughts on various subjects (My kids tell me I’m smart, but they’re biased.) or our favorite games.

No matter what you do, thanks for stopping by and say, “Hi!” on Twitter.