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The Perfect Father’s Day

A few questions about how you define “perfect” this Father’s Day.     Is the Perfect Job the one that pays you all the money you ever wanted and gets you all of the accolades you deserve for being the best at what you do? OR Is the Perfect Job the one that gives you

3 Things I Wish

Three Things I Wish I Knew as a New Dad – Jason Clark

Happy Dad Intro I can’t tell you how excited I am for this first guest post to the HappyDad community. Jason Clark is one of those guys you just want to hang around. In my post on Living. Risk the Average Life for the Extraordinary I talked about how certain places have a certain vibe


2 Important Ways to Show Your Children How Valuable They Are

I cried when I scratched my tennis racket. There I said it. It feels good to get it out. I was a young budding perfectionist. Only in some things mind you. But most perfectionists tend to be that way. They are only perfectionists in certain areas. In other areas they don’t seek perfection at all.


How to Make Your Kid’s Birthday Memorable

I’m going to let you in on a little HappyDad secret to make your kid’s next birthday the most memorable birthday ever. Nope, it’s not that unbelievable goodie bag, cake, decoration combo you saw on Pinterest. It’s much simpler and way more fun than that. Do Something Remarkable! I have to give credit to my


A Game Dad’s Can Play With Their Kids While Mom is Shopping

It’s the cliche of married couples. The wife is shopping while the husband sits impatiently in the chair waiting for her to finish. In today’s cliche, he might be passing the time on his phone, but when you add a few little HappyKids to the picture, Dad’s waiting gets a lot tougher. Not All Cliches are True


Living. Risk the Average Life for an Extraordinary One.

Do you remember that moment? That time when you felt inspired to be something better, do something better,


My Favorite Superhero

As boys growing up, and now as men, we’re fascinated with superheroes. We imagine ourselves as them. We


Dad. You’re Important.

We come in all shapes and sizes. Some of us came into the position of fatherhood at the