Dragons Love Tacos – Happy Dad and Kids Book Review

Title: Dragons Love Tacos

Author: Adam Rubin

Illustrated by: Daniel Salmieri

Age Range: Littles (0+ See more about this below.)

HappyDad’s Review

So excited to read this book and few other new books we got recently. As much as I love the classic children’s books I grew up, with I love seeing a new generation of children’s book authors inspire imaginations and cultivate creativity with their writing and illustrations.

Dragons + Tacos = Love

For those HappyDads and HappyMoms our there that love using silly voices during story time, Dragons Love Tacos gives you the opportunity to try out your best scottish/spanish voice.

I had a blast and the HappyKids all seemed to love this one.

A Voice in Harmony with the Illustrations

Let’s exercise our imaginations for a minute.

Pretend we met up at some great new Mexican restaurant that just opened. We walk in and the decorations are spot on. The look and feel of the place is 100% authentic Mexican.

We can’t wait to open the menus and see what delectable concoctions await us.

Then it happens. Something feels off. We can’t quite put our fingers on it but something is out of balance. Then we realize what it is. They’re pumping rock music over the speaker system.

It feels out of place and the atmosphere is at war with itself. It’s not in harmony and atmosphere is everything.

Children’s books are the same way. The voice of the book should match the illustrations and vice versa.

You’ve probably picked up a book or two at the bookstore or a friend’s house and thumbed through it and maybe the voice of the book was whimsical but the illustrations seemed harsh or perhaps the voice was epic and the illustrations seemed childish.

Either way the voice and illustrations of a children’s book should be in harmony, just like the music of a restaurant should match it’s brand.

Thankfully, the author and illustrator of Dragons Love Tacos did a great job of matching each other and the book has a great harmony to it.

A New Favorite for All

I have a feeling this book will be in heavy rotation at our house for a while, as it spanned all age groups. That’s why I gave it the 0+ rating above.

I mean everyone knows I love children’s books, but if you can get my bigs to enjoy a story you succeeded as a children’s author and illustrator.

HappyDad Rating: FIVE Silly Faces

5 Silly Faces from HappyDad and Kids

HappyKids’ Review

James (5 year old boy)

They ate it. Ate it. Ummm. I love it. I want to read it. That’s it daddy. Giggles.

Ava (6 Year Old Girl)

It’s a cute story. It’s fun. It’s funny at the ending. I love my daddy’s voice when he reads this book.

Shaw (9 Year Old Boy)

It’s an awesome funny story because of what happens when dragons eat spicy food. I love the surprise at the end and I bet you, you will too. Don’t forget, taco parties are the best!

Bella (12 Year Old Girl)

Very cute. I like the pictures and uptown funk make a dragon wanna retire man.

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