How to Make Your Kid’s Birthday Memorable

I’m going to let you in on a little HappyDad secret to make your kid’s next birthday the most memorable birthday ever.

Nope, it’s not that unbelievable goodie bag, cake, decoration combo you saw on Pinterest. It’s much simpler and way more fun than that.

Do Something Remarkable!

I have to give credit to my friend Arthur Greeno, for the “Do Something Remarkable” saying. He’s set multiple world records and put on a race where people took turns running in giant hamster balls around a course and then up and down a giant inflatable slide. Yep, remarkable is his middle name.

So whenever I face a question of what to do in a situation, I have a little Arthur on my shoulder whispering, “Do something remarkable.”

Best Fast Food French Fries Ever

So this week, as we sat eating dinner for our youngest daughter’s birthday, a crazy little thought popped into my mind and I went with it. I gotta say, Julie (the HappyKid’s Mom), gets a little anxious when she sees that look in my eye.

So after dinner, we all loaded up in the mini-van and started out in search of the “Best Fast Food French Fries Ever.” I told the kids we were going to visit every fast food restaurant in the area with a drive thru (since it’s been raining here for the what seems like forever) and order a single bag of french fries. Then we’d each give our rating of them and tally the votes.

Make ‘Em Laugh

One of my favorite songs from a musical is the song, “Make ‘Em Laugh” in Singing in the Rain. So whenever the opportunity presents itself, we try to laugh. So as I was ordering the first set of fries, the HappyKids dared me to say Thank You (insert random Youtuber name here).

I took them up on the challenge and it was totally worth it. I hadn’t heard them laugh that hard in a long time. So the next time you get a chance, go for the laugh with your kids and care more about what they think of you than what some random stranger does.

And The Winner Is…

So after visiting 9 different fast food restaurants and trying the french fries at every single one, we all agreed on one thing. No one wanted any more french fries 😉

But seriously, here are our rankings averaged out from lowest to highest:

Braum’s 1.5 Silly Faces


Whataburger 2.5 Silly Faces


(Note: The five year old rated these an 8. But we only have a rating of 1 to 5, so we made it a 5.)

Burger King 3 Silly Faces


Jack in the Box 3 Silly Faces


Sonic 3.5 Silly Faces


McDonald’s 3.5 Silly Faces


Carl’s Jr 3.5 Silly Faces


Wendy’s 4 Silly Faces

4 Silly Faces Rating on Happy Dad and Kids

Chick-fil-A 4 Silly Faces

4 Silly Faces Rating on Happy Dad and Kids


Congratulations to Wendy’s and Chick-fil-A for winning the first ever Happy Dad and Kids Best Fast Food French Fry Ever competition. But no matter what, the fact remains that this will be a birthday, that all of the HappyKids will remember for a long time.

Always Pick Remarkable

So the next time you have a choice between another Pinterest Perfect party or doing something out of the ordinary and completely remarkable… always pick remarkable and make your kid’s birthday one they will never forget.