I am a Bunny – Happy Dad and Kids Book Review

Title: I am a Bunny

Author: Ole Risom

Illustrated by: Richard Scarry

Age Range: Littles (0-7)

HappyDad’s Review

It’s amazing how a simple board book can be so powerful, but that’s why I love children’s books in the first place.

I am a Bunny is like a a time machine for me. It’s one those books that takes me back to when I was just a little HappyKid. So when I first found out I was going to be a HappyDad it was one of the first books we got for our first little HappyKid over 12 years ago.

So, yeah. I love this book. It’s simple, cute and the pictures make me want to be there with Bunny experiencing the seasons right along with him.

The Power of a Simple Children’s Book

In fact this book probably plays a huge part in the reason my favorite season is “the change of seasons”. I love the transition and anticipation of each season that’s coming, just like Bunny, but I also mourn the end of the previous season as well.

Never underestimate the power of a book in shaping your life or the life of your HappyKids even if you don’t see it at first,

The more I think through who I am, I have to admit, many of these books that were read to me or that I read as a little HappyKid, have shaped me in some way or another even when I didn’t realize it.

Fun to Read and Beautiful to Share

I am a Bunny is fun to read and beautiful to share with your HappyKids that fit into the Littles age range, but our Bigs like it too since they’ve grown up with it just as I did.

For those HappyDads and HappyMoms who like to do voices for the characters when you read like me, I am a Bunny gives you the opportunity to pull out your cutest little voice ever or if your HappyKids have a goofy sense of humor like mine you can use a deep rough voice that doesn’t fit at all but will make for a story time filled with laughs.

HappyDad Warning

Oh and if your HappyFamily knows the children’s song I Think I’m a Bunny your HappyKids will probably be reminded of it and start singing it after you read this book. Just a friendly warning from one HappyDad to another. (We like that song in our house, but I’ve heard some people don’t since it does have the M word “monster” and it can get repetitive. But it makes us laugh.)

HappyDad Rating: 5 Silly Faces

5 Silly Faces from HappyDad and Kids

HappyKids’ Review

James (5 year old boy)

Me like them. I love him. (Hugging his brother.) Hi bunny. Hi bunny. Hi-ya you died. (Brother and sister laughing) Shush peoples.

Ava (6 Year Old Girl)

I liked it because it had cool pictures, a very cute bunny and because it helps people learn about the four seasons. What happens in that season? What happens in that season? And because it shows you what you can do in each season. It gives you ideas on what you can do in each of the four seasons.

Shaw (9 Year Old Boy)

I like it because it talked about the four seasons and what he did during each season.

Bella (12 Year Old Girl)

Not available for this review.

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