I SPY Bingo – Happy Dad and Kids Game Review

Game: I SPY Bingo

What does the box say?

Age Range: Little and Bigs (4 and up)

Players: 2 to 6

Short Description: A challenging new twist to an perennial favorite…Bingo is more fun the I SPY way!

Game Length: 10 – 15 minutes

Learning Curve: About one game.

HappyDad’s Review:

There are some games, like children’s books, that you can remember exactly where you were when you got them.

Secret Game Portal

Then, there are other games that seem to have showed up in your closet, and no matter how hard you try you can’t figure out where they came from.

It’s as if the game found you somehow. A little creepy I know, but I Spy Bingo is definitely one of those games for me.

Now I’m sure this entire mystery could be solved by asking my wife, but what’s the fun in that right? I’d rather just go on believing that somehow this game found its way into a dark corner of our game closet through a secret game portal and hid there until the Happy Kids found it one day.

So don’t ruin it for me 😉

I SPY Bingo has been gaining speed in our game rotation lately, and I’m not sure why exactly. But its being requested by the six, almost seven year old more and more.

Crazy Make’em Ups

It’s a simple game that can be played with more difficulty depending on if you’re one of those families that like to adjust game rules to make house rules or now. We are.

In its simplest form, you flip over a card and try to match items from the card to your board and just like bingo you try to get four matches in a row.

Depending on what age range of Happy Kids are playing we’ll keep the game simple or more difficult by limiting what on the card you can match on each turn.

We also like to see who gets second, third and so on as well, depending on the number of players. We tend to have this house rule for most games we play.

Quick Game – Easy Clean Up

The game can be played rather quickly, so if you have other things you need to get to but you still want to build a better relationship with your kids through play, then this game fits well.

Clean up is also pretty straightforward and equally as quick.

Not as Random as You Think

So there are two sides to each bingo board in the game and for the longest time we thought one side was in alphabetical order and the other was just random. That is until I got a card that started with Q-W-E-R across the top and realized that it wasn’t random.

I’m sure many of you guessed it by now, but the back side is in keyboard order. I doubt this will have any “educational” effect on the HappyKids, but I’m also suspicious all the “educational” things Nick Jr says my kids will learn from their cartoons at the beginning of every episode.

So if you want, you could probably say your kids will learn “computer spatial orientation” or some other fancy sounding thing from playing this game if you’d like. I won’t tell.

HappyDad Rating: 4 Silly Faces

4 Silly Faces Rating on Happy Dad and Kids

HappyKid’s Review:

James (5 Year Old Boy):

Mom: Do you like the I SPY Bingo game?

Him: Uh, huh.

Me: What else?

Him: That’s it.

Ava (6 Year Old Girl):

It is a fun game. It’s kinda hard, but it’s fun.

Shaw (9 Year Old Boy):

That you can have fun playing with family and friends and that it helps you make your eyes better at seeing.

Bella (12 Year Old Girl):

Very fun. I actually really enjoy playing it with my family! Even though it’s for younger kids, I still like it!

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