Jenga Double Stack – A New Way to Play an Old Favorite

Instead of the typical game review today, the HappyKids and I wanted to share a new way to play Jenga with you.

Double Stack

We call it Jenga Double Stack. I know, it’s not super creative and if you have a better name for it, be sure to send it to us on Twitter or Facebook. But for now, that’s what we’re calling it.

Set Up

It’s really quite simple, and I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before. Honestly, kids are some of the most creative people I know. Which is why I love hanging out with them, because they challenge me to see things in a new way.

Instead of setting the game up with one single tower like usual, you simply divide the tower in half. You can build them close to each other or farther away. Just make sure you leave enough room to make your plays throughout the game.

Game Play

You’ll play just like regular Jenga with the following exception. You can take from either tower and place your piece on either tower. So you can pull from Tower A and stack it on Tower A or if you want you can stack it on Tower B. The same goes for Tower B.

At certain points in the game you might want to favor one tower over the other depending on your strategy.

How to Win

We played with three people which worked great, because when one of us knocked over the first tower the remaining two people were able to keep playing to see who won. If you have more people you could use the typical Jenga rules and once the second tower fell you could re-stack them and play with the remaining players.

Create Your Own Rules

So there you have it. Jenga Double Stack! How about your HappyFamily? Do you have any “house rules” for classic games that you play? If you do, we’d love to hear them on Twitter or Facebook so let us know.

If you don’t, try making up some new rules the next time you play your favorite board game.

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